Mantis Pest Control is a friendly, family run business providing an affordably priced and reliable service in rodent inspection and rodent control, Australia’s leader in effective pest control. When it is a reliable and thorough rodent control you need, Mantis Pest Control are the team to call!

Rodents can cause damage to your home and businesses wiring as well as being a health hazard. Control the ever growing mice & rat population with a Mantis Pest Control rodent inspection and rodent control program. Mice and rats do considerable gnawing on properties in order to wear down their continuously growing incisors. Rodents cause a lot of damage in Australia every year and some rodents are carriers of diseases.

The reproductive potential of a pair of mice or rats is amazing. Mantis Pest Control can control rats and mice using baiting technology and rodentcides within your roof space and in & around your home with our lockable child and pest safe rodent houses.

Rodent Inspection – Rats

In Australia, we mainly have two species of house rat, Rattus norvegicus, the brown, or Norway, rat and R. rattus, the black, roof rat. Both species originated in Asia, but have spread throughout the world, mostly on board ships. The black rat was common in Europe in the Middle ages and was responsible for the spreading of plague. It has since been largely displaced in cooler regions by the brown rat, which reached Europe early in the 18th century.

The brown rat is the larger of the two, growing up to 10 in. (25 cm) long excluding the naked, scaly tail and sometimes weighing more than 0.5kg. Rats are omnivorous, aggressive, intelligent, adaptable, and extremely fecund. Female can lay around 20 young per litter.

Rodent Inspection – Mice

While making their nests, mice seek a great variety of materials and can cause severe damage to upholstered items and paper products in the process. However, it is the potential spread of disease that creates the greatest concern.

Mice are known to spread Salmonella and tapeworm through their droppings, as well as carry ticks and mites infected with other agents. Depending on the species of mouse, there are also other disease concerns.

Most mice will not bite unless provoked by handling or other contact. However, a mouse bite can transmit rat bite fever.

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