Rodents can really tear up your lawn and garden, and wreck havoc if they get into your house. Here are some tips for getting rid of them using items from around the house:

Black Pepper — Before throwing kitchen scraps into your compost pile, sprinkle them with black pepper. The strong taste and aroma will deter rodents from rooting through your compost.

Tabasco, Garlic Powder, and Corn Oil — In a quart of water, mix together four tablespoons of Tabasco sauce, four tablespoons of garlic powder, and a half teaspoon of corn oil. Put the solution in a spray bottle and squirt it over the plants in your garden to repel rodents. (Remember to wash your vegetables before you eat them!)

Cat Litter — If you have a cat, pour used litter into mole, groundhog, or gopher tunnels. Cats are natural enemies of rodents, and the smell will convince them to borrow elsewhere.

Cayenne Pepper — Sprinkle ground red pepper around your bulb plantings to keep rodents from digging them up.

Interesting Facts about Rodents:

Field mice, identifiable by their large round years, only eat grain and will not hurt your garden.

There are 1690 species of rodents. They all have two upper and lower incisors.

Mice and rats damage crops. They can also carry deadly diseases such as plague and typhus.

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