In recent years, there has been a menace running around the streets, parks and even the homes in Brisbane. In past four years, there have been numerous complaints sent to the city council by concerned citizens, regarding the rat infestation in the city.

Citizens claim that it is not uncommon to see rats running across the streets and parks. There are concerns that the council is not doing their best to deal with the issue.

The threat that rats pose

It’s safe to say, most people would prefer to live in a rat-free environment because the rodents can make a significant mess. Sadly, causing a mess is just a small portion of the trouble these pests are capable of bringing upon their hosts. It is believed that a good portion of the fires in the city might have been caused by rats.

Rats usually hide anywhere in your home where it is hard to reach, and they have a tendency of munching on cables. Chewing on a cable removes the insulation around the wires. With nothing to separate the wires from one another, there is a major risk of creating an electrical short that could cause a wall or frame to burn.

The negative effects from a rat infestation hardly stop there though. Rats, and the fleas they carry, are well know disease carriers and can harm to your health. The Bubonic plague was spread thanks to fleas carried by rats, and while this disease is rare and far more treatable today, it can still be fatal.

The Bubonic plague isn’t the only disease that you should be concerned about. While the rats are running about our homes, they could drop faeces or urinate on surfaces where we prepare our food. Disease that could result from this activity range from asthma to kidney failure in rare cases.

Measures for dealing with the problem

Since the start of the 20th century when the plague first arrived in Brisbane, the city council has been dealing with rats by using teams of trained dogs to reduce the rat population. However, experts no longer believe that this is an effective method.

While council reports that the complaints have been steadily dropping over the past years, there are experts who believe that the measures for dealing with the problem are not that effective.

Experts believe that there should be more resources put into figuring out where the issue is coming from, studying the patterns of the rodents, researching where they are nesting and how do they find their food in order to come up with a better, long-term approach to eradicating them.

Alternative for your rodent troubles

Naturally, since the efforts of the city council are not efficient enough to bring the rodent crisis under control, people have started turning their eyes towards pest control services. There are various procedures that pest control experts might employ to help with your rat problem.

Placing traps is one way of eradicating the rats in your home. Pest control experts would often use mechanical traps or glue boards placed in different spots in your home. Baiting traps and tracking powder are other methods that are used as well.

There are also a number of things you can do to keep the threat of rodents down:

  • Keep your home clean and well sanitised
  • Throw out your trash as often as possible, especially before going to bed. This way the rats will not have to chance to get to any leftovers.
  • Also try to fill any holes that could potentially become the home of a rodent family.

If you have a rat problem do not hesitate to act

The safety of your family and your self is a priority. So, if you suspect that you have unwelcome guests in your home, do not hesitate to call the appropriate services who will arrange their eviction.

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