The dengue mosquito lays its eggs on the walls of water-filled containers in the house and patio. The eggs hatch when submerged in water. Eggs can survive for months.Female mosquitoes lay dozens of eggs up to 5 times during their life time.The mosquito life cycle, from egg to larvae, pupae, and to an adult mosquito, takes 8 days and occurs in water. Adult mosquitoes live for one month. Adult mosquitoes “usually” rest indoors in dark areas (closets, under beds, behind curtains); only female mosquitoes bite humans.

The dengue mosquito can fly several hundred yards looking for water-filled containers to lay their eggs. A few mosquitoes per household can produce large dengue outbreaks.The dengue mosquito does not lay eggs in ditches, drainages, canals, wetlands, rivers or lakes; pouring chlorine into these habitats is useless. Chlorine is harmful to aquatic life.

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